Short answer: No, not yet. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ [WIP]

Inspired by this:

Since the 1990s car manufacturers were pressured into upping their keyfob cybersecurity. The reason behind this was usage of static codes for unlocking the car. This implies that there was one unique code for the car which the keyfob knew. When pressing any button on the keyfob the unique code would be sent to the car and the car would do the desired action, e.g. unlocking itself. The hacker would be able to (relatively) easily record the signal from the keyfob while being in close proximity and gain unlimited access to your vehicle. This rather unfortunate and sad state of affairs is called a replay attack.

Aforementioned inspiration source claims that Honda was using static codes all this time. Since I own a 2002 second gen Honda CR-V I’m going to try the replay attack on my own car.